Energy-efficient windows for your Deltahouse

With superb good looks and technical expertise, PVC tilt & turn windows do not compromise on quality and design, whilst delivering a flexible option for windows in any type of application. PVC tilt & turn windows allow maximum light into the room with the option of a full or limited amount of ventilation. With the ‘tilt & turn’ opening system, this stylish PVC window can be tilted inwards from the top for normal ventilation or can be fully opened from the side for full ventilation. This also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Available in Gealan, Salamander or REHAU Synego and Passivhaus Certified GENEO and a wide choice of colour finishes, the PVC tilt & turn window offers a flexible choice for refurbishments and new builds.


Energy-efficient entrance doors.

What is the key to success of external doors? The answer is simple: Quality – Perfect Execution – Consideration of Individual Customer Demands! As compared to other products of this type, the domain of doors, provided by DeltaHouse is extraordinary reliability of performance and their diversity and colours satisfy the most refined tastes. Many past users praise them for durability and very good thermal and acoustic insulation.



SHUTTERS External roller shutters are a practical system that protects us in three ways: through a perfect insulation, the protection of our privacy and the peace of mind while providing an effective “anti-burglar barrier”. In addition, thanks to the intelligent design and carefully selected materials, roller shutters provide effective protection against intruders. BLINDS The advantage of roller blinds is not only protection against intense sunlight, but also from the eyes of undesirable persons. Fabrics used in such products also guarantee effective optical barrier for light penetrating into the room.


Facades options

• Water resistant • Steam diffusion • Self-cleaning

In combination with other building materials, as with masonry, plaster, wood, metal or glass.

Outstanding choice for exterior claddings and facades.


Low/High Profile Tiles

Low/High Profile Tiles The Frankfurter Pfanne, known as the Double Roman in the UK and the Double Romane in France, is a true classic among Braas Monier´s roof tiles. In Germany, the country where it was first produced, it has been widely used for over 60 years, and no other tile has proved as popular. The Mediterranean look of houses becomes more and more popular in other regions or countries outside the Mediterranean area.


Plain Tiles Unique Tegalit flat tiles have clean lines and a contemporary, geometrical design. Similar flat tiles are available in other countries, for example Richmond and Mini Stonewold in the UK, Tegal in Italy, Tegalit in Austria, and Innotech in France. In Germany, Tegalit is available in six different colours, including classic red and various shades of grey.



It’s important you are offered the right foundation solution to ensure your building is completed professionally, quickly and within your budget.


One of the advantages of building with a basement is the higher resale value of your house and the various possibilities of use — from the simple storage room, to technical rooms, to the hobby cellar or additional living space.

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The core business of DeltaHouse is designing, producing, and constructing low-energy prefabricated buildings, primarily residential buildings, as well as commercial and public buildings.

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We only ever use the best quality building and installation materials from reputable companies. When you build a DeltaHouse we work with you through every stage of the building process.

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